I born in 1982 in Ankara.

I completed my primary and high school education at TED Ankara College, received my undergraduate diploma from Atılım University / Business Administration.

I started to attend State Opera from 2009 and took private piano lectures between 2011 and 2012.

At September 2017, I founded capital’s only privately invested recital hall (The Podium Hall) with 84 seat capacity – costing €50.000

In 19 events, I hosted 500 guests with ticket. Two of them being state artists: Gülsin Onay and Rüya Taner.

Within the hosted events, 3 of them were foreign soloists – one is legendary pianist Cyprien Katsaris.

I received a plaquet for the donation concert I hosted related with the lost sculpture of infamous Turkish sculptor İlhan Koman from Ankara’s Seğmenler Park.

All this success was published at local newspapers and radios, but a milestone occured when Unesco published our presence at their website.

Meanwhile, I ordered a lot of academic resources from US and enriched my library.
Being an independent writer and researcher, I find and corrected the date of death for Carl Czerny on Wikipedia.

I write for Turkey’s best seller classical music mag Andante and share history from my blog as well as my social media accounts.

Cihan Barut | cihan@cihanbarut.com

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